Royal Enfield Classic 500 modified into a vintage cruiser by Eimor Customs

When it comes to custom motorcycles or modified motorcycles, Royal Enfield is the brand that one will hear the most. This is because shops prefer to work on them because they are easier to work on and can be modified into different body styles. Here is a Royal Enfield Classic 500 which has been modified by Eimor Customs. It is called “Allura” because the shop believes that the motorcycle can allure anyone.

Paarth Khatri

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04 Feb 2023, 17:15 PM

The customization shop took a 2013 Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500 that was provided by the client, the person was using it for his personal use. The person had ridden the motorcycle for 5,000 km in 5 years and he found it difficult with the height and manoeuvring. The requirement was not only to reduce the height but also to give the bike a rebirth, a new look and feel.

Speaking of looks, the motorcycle now has a vintage look to it. There are big mudguards and their arrangement looks very similar to the one found on Indian motorcycles. The shop is now using 16-inch spoked wheels and 120-section tyres.

Eimor Customs have not made any changes to the engines. However, there is a new exhaust.

The stock headlight casing was also removed and a smaller headlamp with a grille was fitted. A separate casing for the speedometer and fuel gauge was made. The ignition has been shifted to the oval box on the right side. The turn indicators and the tail lamp are also now after-market ones.

The new Tank looks beautiful with the sides sliced off. Both the rider seat and the pillion seat has been made into a spring-type arrangement. The backrest with the pillion seat is also in a similar shape to the mudguard stays. Then there is the exhaust which is also new.

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What stands out about this motorcycle is its unique paint job. The fuel tank looks apart with the sides sliced off. The tank is now finished in a glossy finish with vintage-styled gold leaf work while the rest of the body is finished in matte jet black.

First Published Date: 04 Feb 2023, 17:15 PM IST

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